Anna Belle never wears panties when she’s in the sauna

You’ve been going to the gym for a while and you’ve noticed that after her work out Anna Belle always has a sauna so today you thought you’d join her in the hope of her actually noticing you but you really didnlt expect what happened next!

You join Anna in the sauna and she’s actually really chatty but she wants to know why you’re wearing shorts under your towel? She goes on to tel you that no one ever wears shorts in the sauna and to prove it she lifts up her towel and flashes you her shaved, bare pussy. You’re in total shock, you’re full expected her to be wearing bikini panties. You though things like this only happened when watching upskirt panty cams at!She can see that you’ve gone a bit shy and that you’re trying to cover your hard cock up but she tells you that it’s OK. She instructs you to take your shorts off and enjoy yourself.

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Since there’s no point in being shy you quickly remove your shorts and starts to play with yourself. Gently stroking your cock while Anna Belle sits with her legs open, all hot and sweaty. It really doesn’t take long of jerking before you shaft tightens up and you cum all on the bench much to the delight of Anna who having seen what she wanted too just gets up and leaves, giggling as the door shuts behind her. LeavingĀ  you in a bit of a cummy mess.

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